Friday, December 1, 2006

Zipper irony

Yesterday I went to the tailor to get a new zipper on my jacket.

When I went to pay, I broke the zipper on my wallet.

I hope that when I go to the dry cleaners a careless driver doesn't splash me with a mud puddle.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Canadians need to learn how to clink their drinks

It bugs me that the only Canadians I know that make a point of making eye contact with everyone when making toasts or saying "Cheers" are the ones that have lived overseas.

It's very unsatisfying and just wrong to clink glasses without looking everyone in the eye.

We should include this is everyone's etiquette education, like not chewing with your mouth full and writing thank you letters for Christmas presents.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Better bus services

The other day I had to take 3 bus connections to my chiropractor and a 15 minute car ride took close to an hour, making me late. I missed the bus for the last leg of the trip and then didn't know if it would be faster to walk the rest of the way, wait, or try to get a connection somewhere else.

I wish all mobile phones and buses had a GPS in them. Then your phone could tell you how far away your bus was, and how long it was going to take for it to get to you in comparison to walking to where you are going or walking to get another connection.

I think more people would take the bus if they knew when it was coming.

The first bus company that incorporates showing their bus locations in real time should get a transportation prize.

Is it cool for wildlife to drink Coke?

I just saw Casino Royale. It's really good. I haven't seen any good quality glamour in movies for awhile. And the James Bond character has been perfected. He manages to be super cool while still making you care about him.

Before the movie there was a Coca Cola commercial where a bunch of penguins bring a baby polar bear a bottle of coke.

I don't really think Coca Cola makes the planet a better place to be, but I do like a glass of it occasionally. Especially when I think I am getting sick and might have some bacteria to kill.

I also don't have a problem with showing polar bears from the Arctic and penguins from the Antarctic together. It's cute, like talking animals.

So maybe it's because I just recently saw the Body Worlds exhibit at Science World and am thinking about things in a very biological way that I find the whole idea of wildlife drinking Coca Cola disgusting enough for me to stick to coffee for my caffeine fix for awhile.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Where do little dogs with clothing come from?

Vancouver is unusually wintery right now.

Which means there are more little dogs in clothing out than usual.

I have ambivalent feelings towards little dogs who need to wear clothes over top of their fur, take 10 steps for each one of their owners, and have to turn their head almost a full 90 degrees to look at their owners.

It would be hard to be one of these dogs and appear dignified. If you want to explain them to someone who had never seen one, you could say that they are the opposite of a proud lion.

I mostly feel mild but painful embarrassment for them, like for a comedian whose jokes keep flopping to a silent and unresponsive audience. And a feeling of relief when they go away.

I am pretty sure that if there is such a thing as karma, this is what a bully gets reincarnated as: